Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Lucky Cat for patience

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Princess Anya

I love love LOVE my Anya stamps. I have more projects coming down the pike with these stamps soon. This time I used my Princess Anya stamp by The Greeting Farm to create a birthday card for a friend. I love how it turned out.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Disney Tips

I want to share some tips/observations that my husband and I made on a recent trip to Walt Disney World.

General Tips:
- Take advantage of the Fast Passes. It will bring your wait in line down to 20 minutes (on a busy day) or less.
- Fast Passes are only given out once an hour per park ticket. For example, if you get a fast pass for Tower of Terror, you will have to wait an hour to get the fast pass for Rock N Rollercoaster
- Send someone else ahead to the ride you want Fast Passes for with all of the park tickets (they are needed to get Fast Passes). This way you can go do something else while one of the adults gets the Fast Passes, so you're not standing in yet another line to get the pass with a bunch of cranky kids.
- If you MUST take a double stroller to the park, be courteous. We were nearly run over or pushed aside by many a double and even single stroller.
- If you're at a park and there is a ride-time board... CHECK it! It will save tons of time by not walking to each ride to see what the wait is.
- Eat small meals (like appetizer size) throughout the day especially on hot days. It helps you not to feel so worn down and give you a break to sit and relax.
- Water, water, water.... bring it with you to the park (it's okay), purchase it... whatever. Otherwise you will be miserable.
- More on water.... we bought bottled water at Walmart before we headed to our resort. It was worth it since bottled water at the park is $2.50 each. It's okay to bring it in the park, we brought a 12 pack with us one day and weren't questioned.
- Sunscreen up before you leave for the park.

Magic Kingdom:
- Transportation to and from the Magic Kingdom can get a little crazy with the choices of monorail, ferry and buses. Be prepared to wait regardless.
- Avoid doing the Magic Kingdom on a Monday. We noticed it was ridiculously busy by late morning.
- Have breakfast at the Main Street Bakery at the park. It's a great deal. I purchased a cinnamon roll the size of a softball for $2.59. Plus if you get a table outside, you can relax for a few before hitting the park.
- If you are a resort guest, take advantage of the extra magic hours at this park. We walked right on to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and had only a 20 minute wait for both Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain Railroad.

- Hit Epcot on a Monday. Most people are at the Magic Kingdom that day and so this park is less crowded. It did get considerably more crowded on Tuesday.
- Do the Spaceship Earth ride later in the day rather than first. It is usually very busy in the mornings, early afternoon. If you time it right, you can usually just walk right on. This ride is one that anyone can do and it's actually quite fun.
- Visit China. They have a great quick service menu and the tables in that area are SPOTLESS.
- There is a new Kim Possible World Showcase Mission "game". You get a ticket to meet at a designated spot, receive your communicator and then complete a mission within one of the World Showcase countries. We did this twice and had an absolute blast.
- If you can get reservations, go to the Rose & Crown Pub for dinner after 7pm since they have a 2 hour time limit for seating. If you speak with the host/hostess, see if they can get you seating for the fireworks out on the deck. It's WORTH it!!!
- For a quiet, shady retreat, go to the gardens behind the Tea Caddy in UK. When the Beatles tribute band isn't playing it's a nice little place with benches and shade.
- The Innovations section of Epcot is a great place to go get some A/C and also education for the kiddies. It's also a good place to go for the freak thunderstorm that Florida gets in the summer afternoons.

Hollywood Studios:
- Just a little FYI... if you go for the Star Wars weekend expect insane crowds and SW geeks galore
- If your little Jedi need a light saber, consider buying a prefab one. They have a make-your-own light saber section, but it's much more expensive than a premade one.

Animal Kingdom:
- Go to Animal Kingdom if it's a Star Wars weekend. We headed over to this park after the madness at Hollywood Studios. We had a short wait for Expedition Everest and walked right on to Kilimanjaro Safaris.

Disney Resort Guests:
- Get the refillable mug at the resort. It costs around $12.95, but you end up saving money on buying pop (or soda, whatever you call it), coffee, etc.
- You pay for what you get for when it comes to resort to park transportation. We stayed in one of the "value" resorts and since we were paying less, a lot of the time the buses didn't seem as frequent or made multiple stops. If you want direct access via monorail to Magic Kingdom or Epcot, stay at the Contemporary, Polynesian or Grand Floridian resorts.
- If you stay a resort, take advantage of the package pick-up in the park gift shops. They will send your package to your resort's gift shop and you can pick it up usually the following day after 1pm.
- The Disney Dining Plan seems like a good idea, but in reality causes a lot of confusion. We did not have the dining plan but ended up behind someone in line who did and had no clue what they were doing. It seemed like more of a hassle than what the savings are.
- There are no mini fridges in the All-Star Resorts. Stop at Walmart (if you're renting a car) in Kissimmee and purchase a $2 foam cooler. There are ice machines in each section of the hotel.
- If you need a microwave, there is one in the dining area for the All-Star resorts.

And this post wouldn't be complete without a recent Disney project I completed with my new Mickey ears punch:

Not-so Wordless Wednesday

So, I finally completed a MAJOR project that sort of fits into the crafting realm. I refinished a rocking chair that originally belonged to my grandparents. This rocking chair will be used in our future child's room.

The chair started out as a reddish paint stain color -- it was ugly. It wasn't a cherry stain color, think burgundy paint. So, I stripped it and stained it an oak color to match the rest of our furniture.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

Check out my lassie!!

I don't normally participate in Club Anya challenges, BUT this one caught my attention. They have 3 challenges going right now and one of them is "where I come from...". The challenge is to to create a card, scrapbook page, etc using an Anya or Ian stamp from The Greeting Farm that shares your heritage, nationality, culture, etc. I could not resist this challenge.

So, to pay tribute to my Scottish heritage, I used TGF digital stamp of Dorothy Anya to create a Scottish Anya. I did my best to include elements from the Cunningham clan in the card.

The clan tartan and clan badge:

My Lassie:
From Semper Papercrafting

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

From yesterday:

From Semper Papercrafting

Can you see the double rainbow? I'm not the best photographer, but tried to capture it the best I could.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!

I want to wish everyone a very Happy 4th of July!! The Fourth has always been one of my favorite holidays. I am super patriotic and love anything red, white and blue.

I recently created a card to celebrate Independence Day that I sent to my family and friends. It has sort of a quilted look to it (I've used this same technique earlier with a baby girl card).

Enjoy! And let the fireworks commence!!! :)

From Semper Papercrafting

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My 1st Speed Scrap

Tonight I headed over to Scrap Matters to do my very first speed scrap challenge. It starts at 9pm EST and you begin with a blank digital layout page, then every 10 minutes the hostess gives you instructions on what next to add to your layout. Since I'm still a newbie, it was a bit overwhelming, but I did O.K.

I decided to scrap the picture of me and my grandpa at Epcot. Here's the layout:

From Semper Papercrafting

Digital supplies are from:
Scraps by Andrea

I'm still getting the hang of this digital thing... but I'm having fun in the learning process.