Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top O' The Morning!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I hope you're wearing green today. I already had the smell of Guinness brownies baking in my kitchen yesterday. I'm being a nice wifey and made the brownies for my husband's work. I added a few more notes to my recipe that I forgot to include when I originally posted. Here's the link: Guinness Brownies.

St. Patrick's Day is almost like an anniversary for me with stamping. My first set of Stampin' Up stamps was Pinch Proof. So, I guess that shows you I'm still a newbie to all the stamping community. But I have been an avid scrapbooker since 1998.

First off, here is a St. Patrick's Day card I created. It's super simple since I had to mass produce a bunch of them:

From Semper Papercrafting

My mom has also gotten the stamping bug and sent me a St. Patrick's Day card this year. My husband said she "one upped" me. What do you think?

From Semper Papercrafting

I think she definitely out-did me with her card making skills. This leprechaun is so cute. She made it in her Stampin' Up class and it looks like it's just a lot of different punches. It also unfolds so that it lays flat during mailing.

Finally, I HAVE to share this picture. It is from our local paper the New London, Day. My husband and I got a good laugh out of it since the look on the kids' faces is priceless. Our caption for the picture is:

So... they really DON'T wear anything under those kilts... GROSS!!!!
From Semper Papercrafting


  1. Beautiful card!!! Love the recipe too!! What a great wife you are!

  2. Cute card!
    I LOVE your moms too :)
    Happy St. Patty's Day!!!

  3. What a great card, and HAPPY anniversary to you! I just hit my one-year stamping anniversary too -- pretty fun!

    Your card is great, as is your mother's, and that photo...takes the cake! Hilarious! Those poor kids. :(