Monday, June 1, 2009

Introducing Eddie.... (and TTIC #32 and TTSVC #2)

Yesterday, I felt very inspired to work on a couple of lingering Twilight Tuesday challenges. For both projects, I picked up my favorite vampire stamp. He's just so cute. So in honor of Twilight, I decided he needed a name.... yes, I'm that cheesy.... his name is Eddie (short for Edward, OF COURSE). Eddie has done some traveling -- he's even on a postcard or two. ;) He started out in Volterra, Italy at the St. Marcus Day celebration. Since then, he's traveled to Shreveport, Louisiana and Forks, WA. Check out his adventures below. If he's lucky, he might even make it to Walt Disney World sometime soon! ;)

Since last night was a big night for the movie "Twilight" on the MTV Movie Awards, I'm posting the brand new trailer of "New Moon" at the end of my post. I am so excited for "New Moon" to come out! :)

Beth from Twilight Tuesday gave us this fun challenge from the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris:
Welcome to Twilight Tuesday Sookie Vampire Challenge (TTSVC) #2! This month we are drawing our inspiration from Fangtasia, Eric’s vampire bar in Shreveport.

Craft Portion: Create a project that screams “Fangtasia,“!
Comment Portion: Would you go there? What would you expect to see there? Let your imagination run wild! This is Fangtasia we are talking about here!

My project:
From Semper Papercrafting

I think Fangtasia would be a really interesting place to visit. From living in Louisiana for a short period of time, I know how wild and crazy those folks can get. So I think Fangtasia would a great place to people/vampire watch. :)

Next up is the challenge from Eve:
The challenge for this week’s Tuesday is "The Great Northwest.” If you have ever lived there you know what I mean. Maybe if you have only visited there you know what I mean. Maybe if you only heard about the filming of the movie you know what I mean. It is beautiful there. There is a reason for it’s beauty….all the rain!

So from the space needle to the forests. From the rain to the trees. From the lush green beauty of it all to the Olympic Peninsula. There are so many reasons to LOVE the great Northwest. Edward’s family chooses to live there. Bella feels she has to live there, and hated visiting as a child. Don’t forget the trips to Seattle, the coast, and into the forest. Have fun with this one!

Comment portion: If you could visit anywhere in the Northwest - where would it be and why?

My project:
From Semper Papercrafting

I would love the opportunity to visit Forks. While I was there, I would have to check out Seattle. I've only been up in the Northwest once and I didn't have much of an opportunity to be a tourist. This area of the country is one place I don't think I would ever want to live, I love my sunshine too much to live there.

And last but not least.... the brand new trailer of New Moon:


  1. ... sigh... I just can't get enough of watching that trailer over and over again ;) lol
    Adorable postcards! I really love them both! Especially the Fangtasia - I can totally see Eric letting them sell that!

  2. Love these cards!!!! LOVE the story too! LOL!! oh goodness I cant stop watching that trailer!! thanks! glad you are participating!!

  3. Thanks Laura great project